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ULTRAMAX™ Mild General Purpose Cleaner Degreaser

National Chemical Laboratories has been a leader in developing and providing degreaser / cleaner formulations for over 50 years, with many satisfied customers worldwide. When asked for a degreaser it is necessary to consider important selection factors such as the type of soil to be removed, surface compatibility, method of cleaning and safety. When is ULTRAMAX™ the best degreaser to select?


  • All types of soil
  • Petroleum based oils and greases

Key features and benefits

  • Formula is free rinsing / Rinses easily and does not leave behind a residue
  • Water-based formula / Product is non-flammable
  • Super concentrated / Use at a variety of dilutions for economic performance
  • Formulated with chelating agents / Excellent performance in hard water situations

Surface Compatibility

ULTRAMAX™ is formulated with the latest, ecologically safe rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as emulsifiers, chelating agents, penetrants and rinse aids to create a unique neutral detergent system to produce the ultimate in safe mild degreasers.

• paints • plastics • soft metals
• hard metals • decorative metals • sealed wood and cork
• many stone surfaces • cement • all types of tiles
• porcelain • brick • glass
• rubber • linoleum • no-wax floors
• all other washable surfaces

Method of Cleaning

ULTRAMAX™ can be diluted with hot or cold water, generates a low to medium foam level and is recommend for use by:

• Mopping • Spraying • Brushing
• Soaking • Foaming • Pressure washing
• Ultrasonic Cleaning • Degreasing, soak tank cleaning


• Non-flammable • Non-corrosive • Non-toxic


After evaluating it can be seen that ULTRAMAX™ is an excellent choice as a degreaser and fits many cleaning applications. Because the choice of degreaser is not always simple to determine, we are here to help you determine the right degreasing product. Please contact us at for assistance.

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