Earth Sense Seal of Assurance

Developing third party standards for environmental products can be a long and involved process, taking months or even years. NCL developed the Earth Sense® Seal of Assurance to assist end-users in recognizing products that have improved environmental and health profiles, but are not yet recognized by independent third party certifiers.

The Earth Sense® Seal of Assurance is awarded to an NCL product based on its individual "Eco-Profile", which looks at three important criteria: Chemical Ingredients, Human Toxicity and Environmental Impact.

Chemical Ingredients: Traditional cleaning products have specific ingredients which can lead to negative environmental effects or health issues. These include Phosphates, Silicates, Solvents, APE / NPE Surfactants, Acids, Synthetic Fragrance, Chelating Agents, or Free Alkali. Earth Sense® formulations perform the desired cleaning function, but do so with ingredients which provide a more positive environmental and health profile.

Human Toxicity: To be a truly "green" product, human toxicity must be at a minimum. Close evaluation of the toxicity, irritation and sensitization of skin and eyes, as well as ingestion and inhalation hazards are important.

Environmental Impact: "Green" products must have a positive environmental profile when evaluated on a life-cycle basis. The effect on the water treatment systems, biodegradability, air quality, water quality, VOC's, combustibility, flammability, and recyclability are very important factors in the evaluation.

This seal is your assurance that designated NCL Earth Sense® products are formulated to promote human health, worker safety, and a more sustainable environment.