NAT-CLEAN™ Brushes

Cleaning brushes.

  • Description

    Designed for use with STONE BLAZER equipment.  Aggressive cleaning brush for regular maintenance and cleaning. Ideal for uneven surfaces. 

    The 13" cleaning brush with riser is designed for use with the 13" BLAZER™ MP. Aggressive bristle action effectively cleans wide grout lines. Comes complete with high speed riser attached. For use on concrete and hard stone surfaces.

    The 15" cleaning brush is designed for use with the 17" STONE BLAZER. This medium duty brush is for regular maintenance and cleaning. Flexible bristle action effectively cleans narrow grout lines.

    13"...............................ITEM # 2554
    15"...............................ITEM # 2533

    Code: 2533, 2554
    Packaging: Each
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  • Directions

    Leave the stone machine handle in the upright position and tip the machine backwards so it rests on its wheels and upper handle section. Align the cut-outs on the inner ring of the brush with the tabs on the inside of the ring of the drive hub. Push the brush firmly in position, then turn it counterclockwise until it locks into place. To remove, turn the brush clockwise until it stops, then lift it off.

    NOTE: Always remove the brush when the machine is not in use.

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