Afia™ Liquid Valve

Interchangeable Liquid Valve 

  • Description

    Afia Liquid Valve dispenses liquid products from the Afia manual dispenser.

    Code: 4218
    Packaging: Each
  • Specifications

    Dispense Amount:  1.0 ml

  • Disinfectant Efficacy

  • Documentation

    There are currently no documents available for this product

  • Directions


    The Afia™ Dispenser comes standard with the Foaming Pump mounted in the dispenser. To change the Afia™ Dispenser to dispense liquid products, replace the standard foaming pump with the Afia™ Liquid Pump.

    1. Remove any product from the dispenser before replacing or switching the pump.

    2. Depress tabs in the back plate of the dispenser and push pump assembly up to remove the pump assembly.

    3. To insert a new pump assembly, ensure that the new pump assembly is flush to the back plate and is aligned with pump assembly brackets.

    4. Gently push down until the pack plate tabs snap into place to secure the new pump assembly. 

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